Chad Jampedro began his career in the sales department of GSF Mortgage Corporation. Today, he’s both the President and CEO, with 45 offices and more than 300 employees. In addition to running GSF, Chad has embarked on a new journey to coach those who may just be starting out, and those who’ve encountered hiccups along the way.

While Chad is known for his accomplishments in the real estate space, his coaching also places emphasis on the importance of family, spiritual stability, and physical health. Learn more about his methods, below.


4 Keys

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36 Bricks

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Upon beginning a new career in any industry, or starting  our own business, we often get too consumed. The driving force is our desire to get out of scarcity. As important as your work might be, there needs to be life outside the office. We need a system. A system to track our life productivity and balance apart from the system or systems that you associate with  at work.

Many of us work very hard, sticking to our screens and keeping a check on our numbers for our families, in order to provide them with the comforts and lifestyle we desire for them in, but in the process, somewhere, we forget the fact that the people we love and who love us want more than just financial stability. They want us in all ways that we can contribute to their lives.

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